Google Analytics: Ecommerce Tracking & Sales Data

Jun 12, 2014

Google Analytics is a server offered by Google. Online retailors are able to gather detailed statistics about their website traffic, traffic sources, conversions and sales.

Google Analytics: Ecommerce Tracking and Sales Data


Ecommerce Tracking

Ecommerce tracking enables you to receive ecommerce data in your reports. Listed below are what you can track via turning on the ecommerce tracking system on your Google Analytics account. This setting needs to be turned on to inform Google Analytics your webpage is an ecommerce site.


  • What product was bought

  • The quantity bought

  • Revenue generated through these purchases made


  • Revenue

  • Tax

  • Shipping

  • Quantity information on each transaction

Time to Purchase

  • Number of days to purchase

  • Number of sessions to purchase

Through this system, ecommerce owners will be able to understand the buying behavior of their consumers, which product sells well, the revenue generated per transaction and even how long a customer takes to make a decision about making a purchase.

How to set up Ecommerce tracking

  1. Click Admin from the menu bar at the top of any screen in Analytics.

  2. Use the drop down menus to select the Account, Property, and View.

  3. Click View Settings.

  4. In the Ecommerce Settings section, click the toggle so it says ON

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


‘Auto Return’ on Paypal for Google Analytics

On Shopcada, Google analytics will recognize a sale made if the customer makes a payment through bank transfer. If a customer pays for an item via PayPal, closes the tab when the transaction is complete, and does not return back to your site, Google Analytics will not be able to track it as a sale made. Hence, unable to provide you with the correct sales statistics of your site. You would need to turn on the ‘Auto Return’ function on your PayPal account. This function directs buyers back to your site after a purchase is made. Only then will Google Analytics will be able to track the sale made.

Google Analytics: Ecommerce Tracking & Sales Data


How to turn on ‘Auto Return’ on PayPal

  1. Log in and click the Profile subtab under My Account.

  2. Click the Website Payment Preferences link under Selling Preferences.

  3. Click the On radio button to enable Auto Return.

  4. Enter the Return URL. Note: You must meet the Return URL requirements in order to set up Auto Return. Learn more about Return URL.


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