Google Plus for Business: Communities

Jun 12, 2014

Exposed dynamicity, the social media has increased business opportunities tremendously. Though the wave has yet to hit Singapore, Google Plus is the second largest social media platform. It is a brand new concept created to connect people. According to Business Insider, there are 359 million active users on Google Plus. Undoubtedly, marketers in Singapore should take this opportunity to build up their page on Google Plus and make preparations before the uprising of this new platform -there is no harm starting early. 

Google Plus for Business: Communities


Each social media platform has a niche tool marketers jump at. Facebook has it’s advertising campaigns while Twitter dominates the Hashtags, categorizing like minded people together. Google Plus has their own outstanding feature that many marketers should make full use of to promoting their service or product. Like other platforms, Google+ has achieved an outstanding feature of their own. The development or should I say, on going development of this feature is catered to marketers, enabling them to distinguish their target audience from the masses.

This feature Google Plus has come up with is called ‘Communities’. Communities on Google Plus categories a group of people into relevant demographics. People who share the same interest can join a community of their choice where they exchange their opinions and interact with people who have a common perspective.

It is a new social option for businesses to take advantage of. This group presents a new way to interact with your audience. They help you understand popular topics that are trending, identify interest areas and challenges in your target market and allows your company to engage with active users -creates a discussion. This concept of engagement reflects the consumer feedback marketing strategy.

According to socialmediatoday here are a few outstanding features of Google+ Communities that could be used on personal profiles or marketing strategies to increase your reach:

  1. Posts with a Google+ community can receive 'plus ones' from other members and can also be reshared to circles or other communities.

  2. Posts within a community are indexed by Google and will be found in organic search results. The posts can also gain and pass pagerank.   

  3. A really nice feature of Google+ posts to a community is that you can edit them at any time.

  4. You can use hashtags within a post content to tie posts to specific searches on the platform.

  5. By default everything you share with a community is also shared to your main public page but you can change this setting, to enable you to share something with a specific community that doesn't appear on your profile page.

  6. With Google+ communities you can view posts in a specific community stream rather than your main stream. These posts are much more focused as you would expect, often I switch to a community stream rather than my main stream to focus on say the latest Google+ news posts.

  7. In Google+ communities there is also the ability to create categories and allow posts to be allocated to these specific categories. These categories can then be displayed individually.

  8. Interaction within the community is the most valuable feature of Google+ communities. Through this interaction with other community members you can also improve your own personal ranking, especially if you interact with highly ranked individuals and they share your content.

  9. As with LinkedIn and other groups members can comment on posts. Also by using an individual's plus name in the comment such as +steverayson that person can be notified of the mention.

  10. A feature that I like is that you can only share a post with one community and not post simultaneously to multiple communities. You also can't share to a community and circles at the same time. I think this helps reduce multiple postings.

  11. With Google Ripples you can create an interactive graphic to see how a post is shared and re-shared across the network over time. You can also share the interactive graphic by copying the URL and sharing it in your stream.

  12. Google+ communities do suffer as do LinkedIn and other communities from link dumping and spam. However, with Google+ you can report spam with a single click and also block a user so you no longer see their posts in your stream. Thus managing spam and blocking content from users is an easier task.

All in all, Google Plus communities are a central place where the concept of engagement is shared amongst users and should be conceptualized by marketers to further enhance their audience reach.

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