5 Important Tips for choosing an SEO Keyword

Jun 17, 2014

If there’s one thing that stands as a basis for a good SEO rank, it would be your selected keyword. Well, it IS the most crucial element when it comes to an SEO campaign. You would need to carefully analyze what the online population is searching for. Google search ranking can be misunderstood in terms of the commonly misused phrase people tend to flaunt -”My site ranked number one on Google!” This statement is clearly untrue. No site can be ranked number one on Google. Your site can only be ranked number one for different keyword searches. So, as the internet is densely populated with sites, how will your site stand out amongst all competitors given a specific keyword? Listed below are a few tips to consider during the process of keyword planning.

important SEO Keyword tips


Think like a user

Take a standpoint view of a search engine user. In your mind, craft what he or she would choose to type in that search bar and not what you want them to type. This is where demographics of your target audience come into play. Understanding your target audience, especially the language they use is very important to help you come up with the right words.

Repetition of Keywords

There are pros and cons when getting across your keywords in your content. The keyword should be found in various sections of the page you have specifically assigned to have SEO. The keyword should be used once in your URL of the page, Pictures, Headline Tags, Title Tags and Meta Tag. Not to forget, it should be used up to five times in your content for SEO to pick up your desired keyword. However, there are limitations such as the over usage of your keyword. This might be recognised as spam instead of useful information. Also, over usage of the keyword in your content may fiddle with the flow of your post. Hence, finding the perfect balance when repeating the keyword takes practice and some getting use to.

Avoid profound words and phrases

When it comes to search engine marketing, most search engine users type in the content they want to get knowledge on based on the first few words that come into their mind. They shorten their phrases and usually use simple words that are reckoned to be used a lot to get a handful of options to choose from. Profound language are usually ranked lower on google search. Keep phrases simple which reverts back to the demographics of your target audience.

Make use of Google AdWords

Good AdWords is a system created to help you generate effective keywords. This keyword planner will help you build your keyword campaign by allowing you to find keyword ideas, analyze how they will perform during searches and enables see what keywords are trending. You may need to play around with words before achieving a relevant keyword related to your content and a keyword that will be able to reach search engine users.  

Relevance is important

Do not stray away from your web’s content when it comes to selecting your keyword. This might affect the bounce rate of your site. It would also affect your site’s quality reducing the trust people have in your work as search relevance is important to them. If your content does not vary their queries, in most cases, they would leave immediately to find another site that has a more relevant solution to their doubts. Hence, benefitting a competitor.

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