Product Launch Strategy

Jun 26, 2014

What is the best way to get your product out into the world? How do let the masses know you have something new and exciting ready to be bought on your site? Should you market what you are preparing or get everything up on your site before the big announcement? Well, the most popular mindset for most ecommerce owners is to have timed product launch. Flashing it across their newsletters and social media creating awareness that at this certain date and time, this new product or collection will be up on their site. However, is that the smartest choice to launch your product especially if your company is just starting out and funds are tight? What is the other option when it comes to promoting your new product?

Two ways to launch a new product

For starters, as mentioned, there are two ways to launch a new product or collection. The first and most popular way is to have a timed product launch. This strategy is put in play when you release a statement in your business newsletter and various social media platforms stating that there will be a new product set to go live at this certain date and time. Hence, this product will not be found on any platform made available for purchase until that exact fixed schedule. What this does is to build an audience who are interested in your product who would then wait patiently for this product to be released. Many ecommerce owners use this tactic to drive high amount of traffic to their site, boosting their site’s visits. However, timed product launches are only advisable if your website is big enough to carry large amounts of traffic. If your store runs on a smaller server, your website will not be able to hold the amount of traffic that would be swamping your site. The result would lead either one of two options. A slow and laggy site people will get frustrated over by OR your whole site would crash enabling no visits to your site and no purchases made. Hence, though timed product launches are always great for generating traffic, it is a costly process for the ecommerce owner.

to launch a new product

The other method, is a complete one eighty from the above. Some ecommerce companies choose to upload their product on their site and then dismiss it to the masses through their newsletter and social media platforms. How is this a more practical way for smaller ecommerce companies? If your budget does not allow you to incorperate a better server that enables high volumes of traffic entering your site at once, do not take the risk and opt for this approach.  Basically, this distribution of visits will be evenly spread out across your visiting timeline yet equivalent to the same amount of traffic driven in by the timed product launch. Though this method, does not have that same ‘build up of excitement and anticipation’ in buyers you’d get in a timed product launch, it has the same impacting power on your end. The perks of using this method also includes less attention to the precise timing. You would not need to worry if something goes wrong at the last minute as visitors were not given a specific time to enter your site. It is easier to manage and gives you more time to handle sales as the workload is evenly distributed between the time your newsletter was sent out and people entering your site.  


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