Two great social media marketing strategies businesses should use

Jun 10, 2014

Why is there a need for your company to engage in the social media world?
There is more to online presence than just your website. Leading sites that drive a lot of traffic are very much active on other platforms where interaction between consumer and sellers are encouraged.

social media marketing

Social Engagement

There is a significant amount of importance when it comes to establishing a platform for consumers to express their thoughts, opinions and feedback. Found usually at the bottom of the page on the site, a comment section is installed by website owners to create a discussion between buyers and suppliers or owners and visitors.  

Social engagement allows the company to get consumer insights and to either continue with their already established efforts or make necessary changes and improvements that will benefit their consumers. Keeping consumers happy is key for their buying commitments. Taking their words into consideration and acting on it will unravel a more personal side of your company towards the visitor’s feelings. In turn shows them that you are putting their needs above yours. People want to feel like they matter.

Having a third party view should always be welcomed. Entitled to opinions, not everyone agrees with what works and what is the best. Clarity on a new set of ideas for improvements can always surface from an outsider’s opinion. Getting more than one perspective, might help you broaden your reach. Third party opinions represent the ‘minority’ viewpoint. However, they can give credibility to lesser known ideas which can expand your companies influences.

Unfortunately, even the most advance technology has its limitations. Censoring of bad comments and reviews has to be done manually in most cases. But is there really a need for this? Bad reviews are good too, they make the positive ones more believable. When you have five good reviews, and one negative comment, the positive reviews automatically increases in credibility. However this can work against you if the percentage of both compliments and criticism are close.

This concludes that consumer reviewing is beneficial for both the company and users. It allows users to have confidence in your service and/or product. It also shows that you are confident about your business by not being afraid to let an outsider rate/commet on your product/service.

Social Sharing

Social sharing will allow your site to gain recognition through your customer’s friends. This happens effectively on Facebook when one person shares something on his page and his friends receive it on their newsfeed. This compliments the works of word-of-mouth sharing -one of the most effective strategies to gain brand awareness.

Yes, social sharing helps you reach the masses but it will only be effective if you hit the jackpot with the right consumers who are most likely to return and make a purchase. Indefinitely, gaining exposure is on the cards for your company. However, it could also substantiate growth and success. It prompts the company to keep searching for new ways to impress people with their knowledge of the latest trends.

When a person shares your content on the social media, they obviously liked it enough to spread the message. This means he or she is promoting your company for no cost at all. If his or her friends are intrigued by your content, the chain continues interconnecting everyone who sees it. This is free advertising. Not only will it reach the masses, most of the time it brings like minded people together due to the circle they engage themselves in.

It is always good to have social media icons displayed on your website. Usually found at the bottom of a page, social media icons helps divert users to external links of the company. For most blogs, after scrolling through a post, a pop up tab would appear on the users screen, encouraging them to like or share this post. Or, alongside a post, social media navigations will be fixed according to the scroll, never leaving the user's sight. This is a preferred approach. Instead of implementing ‘hard sell’ through the pop up, this navigation that moves alongside the article, gives readers a choice.  If they enjoyed what they saw, they could share it on their social media page.