Tips on web design

Jun 5, 2014

Why is the layout & design of your ecommerce website important?
Simple. Improving the layout of your website will help you increase traffic.
Here are a few way to achieve as such...

Make your site stand out from the crowd! From a simple two column layout to dynamic designs, every online store owner will put in their own unique twist into their web design to lure potential buyers to stay on their site by capturing the visitor’s attention the moment loading is complete. Just like how we are socially wired to judge a book by it’s cover whether we admit it or not, we are all wired to be drawn to something that is visually appealing, even what we see on the internet.

Internet users have high expectations, raising their standards constantly. This keeps ecommerce owners on their toes to keep up with the latest trends. Your site, especially the landing page, will reflect your brand and product. The design of your e-commerce website IS the face of your entire company.

Depending on what audience your brand targets at, your web design has to reflect both the product and the visitors of your site. Here are some tips on web design to consider when you are building your web page.  

Improving your web design

Design every page as a landing page.
Defined by most professionals, the landing page is designed to try and persuade visitors to take action. You would want every page to be persuasive enough for a visitor to make a purchase. Spend a little effort making sure everything corresponds to each other, all pages should have similar features of your main page. 

Simple & Clear.
Both the layout and design has to be clear and simple for easy browsing. When referring to local stereotypes, Singaporeans hold the award winning title of most ‘kiasu’ people on this planet. Trust me, they are not going to stay interested once they start having a hard time locating important buttons such as “shopping cart” and ‘New In!’. Complicated layouts such as those that are heavily packed with information scattered all over, will confuse users. Remember less is more.

Have the most important features of your ecommerce website visible.
Here is one common practice done throughout many ecommerce sites, especially on fashion blogshops. If you are set to launch a new collection that would be displayed in a new link reachable on your landing page, this is where you would want all your visitors to visit. Have the ‘New’ button highlighted in a contrasting colour so it would stand out. This would immediately divert the attention of visitors who are now inevitable from clicking that button. 

Add a call-to-action button.
This is the game changer during the whole online shopping process and probably the most important feature. It has the potential to change window shoppers into paying customers -the sole purpose of having an online store. This call-to-action button should be compelling enough to direct the visitor to complete his or her purchase.

Include social shares and follow buttons.
An effective way to expand your reach through the social media. Social share widgets allows word-of-mouth marketing to take place on the internet. A large number of people trust another’s opinions more than advertisements displayed across various platforms. A ‘follow’ button is great when establishing loyal and long-term consumer relationships. Updates of your online store on your social media sites about improvements or launches of products will update your followers by appearing on their timelines.