Create An Email Newsletter -What To Include

Jul 23, 2014

Here is what to include in an email newsletter...

create an email newsletter what to include

An eye-catching subject line This would be the first thing readers see when they open the newsletter. Your subject header must be able to grab the attention of the reader. This determines the reader’s interest to continue reading or the newsletter’s life in trash mail.

Look & Feel

  • Fonts should be bigger than the rest of your content’s font.

  • Bold the entire title to make it stand out even more.

Tips: Words people are attracted to

  • New

  • Free

  • Discount

  • Save

  • Easy

  • Discover


Images of this week’s promotion No one wants to read a whole chunk of text. Your content should be followed by relevant images.

Look & Feel

  • Easy to load photos

  • High quality images


  • Images should be hyperlinked to your website. This would increase site traffic and helps people reach your site in more ways than just inserting a ‘click here’ at the bottom of the page.

  • Do not over do it with the images. Too many images can become distracting and disperse the reader’s attention failing to get the main message of your newsletter across.


Your Message First and foremost, it should include the purpose of the newsletter. Slowly branch out into the details such as a new collection launch or a specific discount. Short messages that are direct are usually more effective than chunks of words that will get ignored.

Look & Feel

  • Usually featured at the bottom of images or alongside images

  • Short and to the point

  • 20 words or less per paragraph


  • Having a few words displayed along with “...Read More” will keep your newsletter looking neat and this method gives subscribers a choice to read on if it interest them.


Brand Logo The first opportunity to make a first impression by introducing your brand. If they have multiple newsletter subscriptions, the brand logo notifies them of which brand has sent them this newsletter. It creates consistency too -an important brand element.

Look & Feel

  • Locate the brand logo in the header of newsletters


  • Hyperlink the brand logo to the landing page of your website


Link to your ecommerce website Directing them to your site in order for them to know the main source of the newsletter. It also makes it easier to view the promotion or the message of your newsletter without having them to search your website. After all, this is the main purpose of sending out a newsletter, so that people would want to visit your site.

Look & Feel

  • Locate the link where you sign off


  • Instead of hyperlinking “Click Here”, type out the entire URL of your website.


Links to your social network Include social media links for readers to connect with you and your brand. If you are sending out weekly or monthly newsletters, inviting them to your social media pages will allow you to stay in touch with them more often than once a week or once a month.

Look & Feel

  • Place social media tabs at both the top and bottom of the newsletter


  • Include a social media share button on your newsletter. Subscribers will be able to share your newsletter on their social media accounts allowing you to gain more exposure.