4 key measures to reach your target audience

Jul 8, 2014

Have a specific target audience. The target audience is the primary group of people a company aims at appealing to through their products. Eliminating people with lesser irrelevance or people who would be unimpressed with what you have to offer can help you narrow down your search. These are a some ways to categorise different target audiences.

  • Demographics
    Age, gender, income, ethnicity, occupation, religion, race, social class, family size

  • Psychographics
    Lifestyles, interests, opinions, behavior, perceptions and attitudes

  • Geographics
    Zip codes, city, county and state size, terrain, climate, region, urban, suburban, rural, and natural resources

To establish productive marketing efforts, accurate target market selection is crucial. A product will not be able to take off when marketers fail to identify the right consumer group at which to aim their efforts at. In depth analysis and identification of a target group can be the foundation of developing an effective marketing campaign.  

target audience

Know what you are offering them. Thoroughly accessing your product will help you understand the product you are offering in greater detail. This is important as you must first be able to understand what is on your hands before introducing it to others. How will you expect people to relate to something, when the sellers knowledge about it is uncertain? As quoted by James T Noble from Ravens Blog, you would need to ask yourself this questions when analysing your product…

  • What is the purpose of what of your product? Is it designed to satisfy a basic need or is it a luxury item?

  • What makes your product or service unique? Is anyone else selling anything similar, and if so what gives your product the advantage?

  • Why does your current customer base buy from you? Who buys the most or spends the most money and what do you know about them? Is there anything they all have in common?

  • Does your product or service offer a solution to a problem that people have – does it make their lives better in some way? What are its benefits?

Close self-examination will help you figure out who your product or service appeals to. Therefor, one needs to know their product inside and out.

Use the right channels to reach your target audience. Social Media plays an extensive role when reaching targeted audience. Depending on your target market, what channels used to reach a company’s audience might not work for another. As of 2013, these are the data collected for different social media sites according to PEW Research Center…

Target Audience

Monitor and evolve. The work does not just stop once you have reached your targeted audience. Allowing a platform for feedback on your site can be immensely helpful for future improvements. Besides consumer’s opinions, monitoring the data received for the product or service will help you study what worked and what didn’t for both marketing efforts and sales. A few things that should be tracked and recorded during the process for evolvement of a company to occurs are sales data, interactions, request for information, trends, patterns and possible areas for improvement.