Trending Ecommerce Websites in Singapore 2014

Jul 17, 2014

Ecommerce websites are leaving a hefty mark on news feeds across Facebook profiles in Singapore. Though not necessarily established in this region, they generate heaps of attention by local users that effortlessly hover their cursors above the like and share buttons sealing the deal of their approval with a click.

Listed below are some of the most sought after ecommerce sites whose recent uprising caused Singapore’s netizens to repeatedly screen them on their statuses, likes and shares


Trending Ecommerce website Singapore 2014 1

SkinnyMint offers consumers a natural cleansing and detoxifying program through their various tea mix selections. Originally started out in Netherlands by Miss Karsia Vermaire, news of this program has reached the masses 6.501 miles away from it’s original homeland. With a staggering fan base on Facebook consisting of over 30,675 likes, this ecommerce site is rapidly gaining attention from global consumers who rave about the product’s results. And I mean, free delivery worldwide? Why not, right?


Ecommerce website singapore 2014 2

Founded by beauty junkies, Luxola could be referred to as the beauty version of Zalora -a fashion ecommerce site. Luxola made a name for themselves by appealing to the female population in the world of social media. Their aim is to provide a luxurious selection of cosmetic picks from around the globe, making it easier for consumers to bag their favorites up all in one place. In addition, giving consumers a complete selection of makeup and skincare products with little effort needed to mix and match their favorite brands. They must be doing something right as over 79, 639 people on Facebook approve of this ecommerce website.

Sana Cleanse

Ecommerce website singapore 2014 3

To nonbelievers, the idea might never sink in fully but the juice cleanse craze is on a rise throughout Singapore. Of course, the number one pit stop for their sudden ‘juice fetish’ is Sana Cleanse. Founded by a neighboring Australian, who isn't a stranger to Singapore soil, wanted to share this vitiating cleanse she experienced by starting her own juice company online. Though Sana Cleanse awaits to feel the full force of the social media, bloggers have already made it their duty to report their successful juice journey.


Ecommerce website singapore 2014 4

Hipvan is a platform designed for independent designers to share their unique twist on everything ordinary by taking them to new heights with an innovative spirit. The hype of this ecommerce site has spread across the internet like a wildfire. From home furnishing to apparels, this site intrigues everyone’s inner hipster, no matter how much they try to deny that stereotype. 19,978 Facebook likes later, Hipvan continues to snag their improvisation into daily essentials under the wings of distinctively admirable creations.  


Ecommerce website singapore 2014 5

Lazada, home to the techies, promises to be the pioneer ecommerce site in some of the fastest developing countries in SouthEast Asia. With categories such as home appliances to favorable timewear pieces, Lazada’s 19,681 fanbase on Facebook is only expanding. Offering top notch customer service, keeping in touch with consumers via phone call or email, gives this ecommerce site an upper hand when it comes to establishing relationships between company and buyers.