How To Market Your Brand On Instagram

Aug 5, 2014

market brand instagram

Getting Started

1. Creation of a business account - Create an official Instagram page for your business

2. Complete your profile - Brand name, a short write up about what your company’s services/products, link to website and email address.

3. Connect instagram to facebook - Linking your Facebook to Instagram will allow existing fans on Facebook to be notified about your presence on Instagram.


Optimise The Use Of Hashtags

1. Create a brand hashtag - Include business name in some of the hashtags of your post. It is also good to create specific campaign hashtags your brand has to offer. For example, if you are having a sale create a specific hashtag for that campaign that is running.

2. Use general hashtags - If you are selling women’s apparels, include hashtags such as #Fashion or a slightly more specific category like #Dress. It will categorise your item together with similar photos of the same hashtag.

3. Use trending hashtags - If a hashtag is trending and relates to what you have to offer, it is always good to include that in your post.

4. Explore by hashtags - Search for related tags that are active, in order to stay relevant. Use these tags in your post. This is another way to get brand noticed.


Focus On Your Customers -Engage With Them On Instagram

1. Get them recognised - Show customers that they matter to you and you appreciate their support through posting their photos on your Instagram account. With their approval, not only share it on Instagram, share it on your brand’s Facebook and Twitter! This is one way to keep brand loyalty.

2. Like their photos - Say, a customer is wearing an item off your label and uploads an #ootd (Out Of The Day) picture, give approval by liking it. Even if their apparel is not from your store, acknowledge their fashion sense by double tapping on their photo.

3. Comment on their photos - A great way to engage with customers eliminating that robot stereotype.

4. Mention customers - @mentioning customers is another Instagram marketing tactic, directly pointing your product to the customers who might like it and may have missed out due to numerous posts on their Instagram feed.


Show your stuff

1. Be creative with your photos - Use filters and even collage your photos, put in the extra effort to get noticed.

2. Make a video - A short 15 second video can say a lot about the product you are featuring. It could act like a mini commercial for brand collection.

3. Stay away from the use of studio photos - KEEP IT REAL! Showcase your products in an everyday activity captured in a moment. From clothes to devices, display to your followers how to incorporate your brand into someone’s life. Make it as realistic, believable and of course, positive.

4. Show who you are  - It’s time to give yourself the credit you deserve! Instead of working behind the scenes, customer’s actually want to know YOU the real you and not the emotionless robot that responds to their enquiries under a generic formal setting. Upload a picture every now and then of the people in your team that made this brand possible!

5. Build pre-launch momentum - Get people excited for what is yet to come. Tease followers with sneak peeks of your newest products or you could hype followers up by doing a daily countdown for the launch.

6. Partner with other brands - Collaborating with other brands who are on Instagram is a great way to get noticed. Especially if you own a fashion apparel store, partnering up with a company that sells jewellery or shoes can be beneficial. Organize a photo where both your product and your partnering brand’s product are featured. Don't forget to tag them in it. Almost 80%, they would return the favour on their Instagram account.


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