MailChimp for Newsletters

Aug 19, 2014

MailChimp is the server we always recommend to our clients who are active in their Newsletter send outs. MailChimp is a platform where sending out bulk emails are made easier and crafting these emails are pretty straightforward with given templates you can easily customise to your liking.


MailChimp Newsletter


MailChimp for Newsletters:

  • FREE sign up

  • Allows you to upload your subscriber list directly into the system from an excel sheet

  • Create and Customize your campaign

  • Track your reports


Importing collected emails onto MailChimp is made easier

There are four different ways to get your entire list onto the MailChimp system. Lists from excel, google docs, CSV files and even starting a list from scratch are welcomed on the server. After the desired list has been imported, renaming and double checking your list is required. A pull-down menu is available for you to set the field name and type. Also, you will get to review the emails that were added or those that were not added onto these lists. 

Besides the option of sending a campaign to your entire list, MailChimp provides the opportunity for users to send it to selected segments of the list. All you have to do is fill in the required conditions for the newsletter to be sent out to the specific reach you want.

 MailChimp Newsletter



Creating and Customizing your campaign

Pre Made templates can be easily customizable on MailChimp. You will be able to create a starting point for your newsletter through basic templates and selecting the number of columns. Once that is decided, your screen will feature two sections. The left side, a live preview of the entire newsletter while on the right is where you can edit your design and content.

Helpful boxes within the template itself allows you to drag and drop or upload images in them along with text boxes that are movable, making each campaign look different from the next. You can also add in social share buttons and social follow buttons. This customization is broken down into such a simple formt, it’s dummy proof option to get quality newsletters sent out to your subscribers.


Tracking your reports

The reports shown on the success of each newsletter sent out can be understood without much effort. Though just like any statistics displayed through graph systems, MailChimp reports tracking system gives you a side by side comparison of opened newsletters and unopened newsletter along with your list average and industry average.  


MailChimp keeps you out of the spam box

Having your newsletter sent to spam mail not only affects that particular email sent but also a higher chance of ending up in other subscriber’s spam mail. MailChimp is able to identify users that have marked you as spam. They will automatically remove this particular subscriber from your list to prevent it from affecting your other newsletter send outs.

Offering One Click Unsubscribe gives the receiver an easy way out instead of directing the mail to spam. This is hassle free for the user. You would never want clicking an email into spam easier than unsubscribing from newsletters.