Make Shipping & Managing The Order Process Easy

Sep 16, 2014

Every business should initiate the practice of having an organized and fixed process when it comes to managing the orders that come in. It creates a less stressful experience for everyone involved in this process. With the booming competition in the online retail world, having a fixed guideline to follow makes it easier to understand the standards buyers set during the order process. In this post, you will find five of the most helpful tips that will make the managing order process a whole lot easier for both you and your customers.

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Shipping Details

Usually found at the bottom of the landing page on online retail stores, a page will be dedicated solely to addressing the shipping details and process for a store. These instructions should be listed clearly, addressing every aspect of the order process from the different type of shipments available to select from at the checkout page to the process if a refund is needed. Make these shipping details easily obtainable for the customer. It is advisable to have a backlink to this page on every individual product page. Customers will be able to have easy reference access before heading to the checkout page for a more indepth instruction manual especially for those new customers who are unfamiliar with how online stores work.


Time of Shipment

It is always good to give more than what you promise. How does this come in conjunction with shipment, you ask? Well, it refers to giving your shipment a buffer time when stating how long shipment will take to be sent out and reach your customer. This way, when shipment arrives earlier than expected, customers get a positive view on your store for it’s efficiency. This method comes in handy especially when you have a lot of orders to handle within a short time period. It gives you time to sort out what you need without exceeded the expected shipping time.


Manually check orders

If your system caters for automated updates for when an order comes in, don’t rely on that too much. Manually check your Managing Order tool daily to have a better view on the orders place. You will get a much better insight on your customers orders and personal details if you are worried about missing an order or any other issue that could mess up the shipping process.


Keep buyers informed and remind them about their orders

Order invoices and emails should be sent out as often as possible and contact useful information pertaining to their orders. Here are a few emails you should be sending out to your customers.

  • Order confirmation email

  • Order pending

  • Payment received

  • Order status completed

To keep it from sounding like a generic email that has no human persona, add personal touches to make your emails sound more friendly and approachable. Besides keeping buyers informed through the invoices and emails sent out, you should also respond to their enquiries as quickly as possible.


Download order reports

Order reports are very useful to your business. They keep track of sold items, inventory levels etc. All these information can be very useful when it comes to understanding your audience. These reports can contain what items were the most favorable amongst buyers and which items in the collection did not do so well. From these reports, it gives you a rough guideline on what you should do to improve and better the business during the next launch of a collection.


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