Marketing With No Money

Sep 2, 2014

Without having a large budget to spend promoting a brand or product, marketers complain they are unable to move forward or carry out certain marketing strategies that can bring in sales. However, there are alternative methods to market your business without costing you a cent. Even with such said, some of these marketing strategies produce better results than those that are paid for. These marketing strategies listed below might not cost you money but time and effort is definitely a given.

Marketing Without Money

Start a Blog

When you start a blog, you would need to understand that providing useful content instead of pushing sales works better on viewers. Aim to build long-term relationships with potential customers. Make your content believable and trustworthy. The more trust they have in your business, the more likely they would come back and make a purchase.

There are a few platforms that would allow you to install blogs into your site such as Wordpress. Blogging is one strategy that does not bleed your pockets dry, but it requires time.

Offer to help other businesses in your niche

Very much like the circle of life, if you do good for others, good will come to you. When you offer your skills that could benefit another business, it triggers a reciprocatory reaction. It’s only human nature to offer a favor in return. In most cases, long term relationships can be formed between you and a successful business.

What kind of skills can be offered? Everyone has their own specialities. If you are good in writing, offer to write for them. If you are good in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) offer your suggestion on how to make the most of it. These favors does not necessarily have to be big and over the top. You just need to show them you are willing to help. Get creative and come up with a few ideas to help another company grow so that yours can too!

As a result of companies offering their assistance, this free marketing strategies has worked effectively in gaining a new relationships with influential businesses who have returned the help in much bigger ways than what was initially given.

Leave comments on blogs that are related to your industry

This is an effective strategy used to drive traffic to your site. When commenting on such pages, they would invite you to leave your URL before submitting your comment. This allows their readers to visit your site. Leaving a comment sounds easy enough but enticing a viewer to click on your URL requires a comment that provides value and is helpful. Writing something intelligent that contributes to the discussion will provoke the thought in the reader’s mind that you are interesting and they would want to find out more about you.  

Propose a joint venture partnership to a company in your niche

You should propose a joint partnership with companies within your niche. Form an alliance and then split the profit of each sale with them.

Finding potential prospects can be done through google search. Simply type in your industry and select a company you would like to propose this to from the Sponsored Links. These companies are willing to pay for ads hence, you know they are willing to fork out a sum to promote their business.

Spread the word through social media

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your business with no money involved. However, two of the most common mistakes companies make while updating their business accounts on social media is focusing too much on forcing sales of their products and not humanizing their posts. People want to feel connected and not feel like the persistence to buy from you is being forced down their throats. Never try to directly sell through these mediums.

In addition, putting your URL on your social media page can immediately increase traffic. Also, include a profile picture and some personal information about your company to make your account more likable and legitimate.