Things You Need To Know About SEO

Sep 26, 2014

Search engine optimization is an effective source of traffic that can be converted into sales. Besides giving a core definition of what SEO is, it is more important to understand the key factors of what shapes SEO into one of the most influential marketing tactics if done right.


1.Paid vs organic

There will be two types of results shown when a search engine generates your search entered. One is called organic search results, the other is known as paid search results.

Organic search results will most likely display a much closer matching of keywords that a user has entered to search for. They are generated based on relevancy. A secondary name for this search is called “natural” search results. The higher your rank displayed for each keyword is what SEO is all about.

Paid search results are like advertisments. A company will pay for the display of a certain keyword for their web pages to appear on these search engines when a web user enters a matching keyword.

Red: Paid Search. Green: Organic Search

Red: Paid Search
Green: Organic Search

Lucky for us, Google divides the paid from the organic listings on search results. Paid results will be highlighted differently from organic SEO configured sites. For example, paid search results will be listed at the top or to the right, given boarders, an 'Ad' symbol is shown or even sometimes a shaded background.

2.How do customers describe your product?

The wrong product title can very much damage or hurt your online store. A product title is very important and there is no other platform that shows this importance as much as an ecommerce store. A common mistake ecommerce owners make is undervaluing their product names. DO NOT be one of those that fall under this category. It is all about branding. Besides looking at the big picture -your company, it is equally important to shape your product by branding it.

Use how people perceive your product as a starting point of the game. Is it attractive to them? How is it’s function essential to their life? Does it leave a positive impact? No matter what market your business is trying to target, your product name has to be intriguing enough to lure people in. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to avoid made up product names but rather give them a title that is easily understood and is descriptive.

3.Where is the impact coming from?

Though keywords are basically what makes SEO... SEO, placement of these keywords varies in the importance. What SEO experts have discovered is that the placements of keywords on different on-page SEO sections are not equal in terms of importance.

The most important would be having the keyword in your URL. Having a domain that has an exact match tend to perform very well in the SERPs. However though can perform well, there are also negatives to it. Usually this domain is always taken and in the future their ranking on search engines will decrease. It is always better to have a domain name that matches your brand name.