Tips: Facebook for Business

Sep 4, 2014

So as we all know by now, Facebook has a significant amount of importance for the growth of a business. It has the largest user base. It also has the highest potential for businesses to find new customers.  Regular usage and using Facebook for business purposes is two different stories that requires a different approach. Here are a few tips that will help you stay on top of your game and not send potential customers fleeing to the hills.

tips business Facebook marketing

Be social not sales persistent. According to VerticalResponse, businesses should strictly follow the 80/20 rule on Facebook. This would mean, 80% of your posts should be social while 20% of your post will focus on your product or service. Yes, Facebook is a great medium to provide updates on your business, but it can be seen as force feeding your opinion onto viewers if your ad keeps pushing sales onto them. Your facebook page should consist of post that are friendly and relatable to viewers. Know that it is okay to promote your business every now and then but also interact with these people through updates on what is happening within your surroundings and present it in a way that will encourage people to share your posts.

Quick respond to comments. How else will people know you are active? Some companies leave their facebook pages dry for days leaving potential customers hanging when confronted with doubts. When complimented, a simple acknowledging reply such as “Thank you!” does the trick. No response could come off as arrogant and unapproachable. How about negative comments? Respond in public, solve in private. Responding to comments should be done within the hour it was posted and not more than 24 hours.

Avoid lengthy posts. You want to intrigue readers not bore them to death. Keep your posts to the point and be as straight forward as you can. For example, if you have written an article and want people to read it, write a brief description on what they can expect from the post and not the entire story itself! Keep your status to a maximum of 10o-150 characters. Lengthy post never garner the likes, shares or comments you are looking for. 

Focus on Engagement. Firstly, in relation to the first tip, you should strive to connect like a friend and not a business on Facebook. Treating your page only as a promotional medium will get you no where. Secondly, aim for interaction between your business and followers of your page. Try asking questions to provoke a user’s response. It has been recorded that Facebbok fans love a good question. Towards the end of the post, invite users to like, share and comment. Even when a comment is found on your status, don’t let the conversation stop there. Try to keep the conversation going and interact with your followers.

Keep your readers newsfeed cluster free. There are mixed reactions amongts netizens for brands taking their business to the social media world. Some might find it more efficient to communicate with their favorite brands through such channels whereas some people find brands on Facebook annoying. Updating your status too often can cause unhappy facebook users to unfollow your brand’s page. Reason being, some feel that brands make use of this social media approach and post excessively to generate a buzz around themselves. Yes, you want people to notice you and have your brand’s name fresh in their memory but not in a bad light. Do not clutter a follower’s facebook news feed by spamming it with updates. Keep it to a maximum of 1-4 post a week and no more than 2 post a day.

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