What Makes A Good Mobile Site For Ecommerce Stores

Sep 19, 2014

Multitasking has become part of the modern culture so as to use technology on the go. Adapting to a user’s needs should be kept as a priority while having their best interest in mind too. With that said, what does a user expect from your site when using their mobile to browse through your online store? Make your site user friendly through these tips shared, to optimize a better user experience for everyone that goes to your store.

1. Clear Labels

Drop down button pallets should be labeled. Noted as a trending ‘must have’ on ecommerce sites seen through the mobile, it’s becoming relatively popular to use three bars as symbols for dropdown menus. It would be much better however, to have ‘Menu’ written below it for visitors who are less tech savvy or aren’t familiar with this new trend. Make sure all important features are visible. For example placement and logo of the checkout cart. It is great to stand out and be creative but make sure people can understand what they are suppose to click. Don’t be misleading. Company contact details should be shown on the landing page of the mobile site, for them to easily reach out to you when needed. 

2. Clear visuals fit the width of the screen

People will have a better user experience if visuals fit the width of the mobile screen without having them to zoom in or zoom out, scroll from left to right. Pictures on a desktop are much larger than your mobiles screen. Take your stores banner for example. Even if you have a responsive web design, using the same banner displayed on a desktop will shrink to fit the width on your mobile, shrinking the words along with it. Have two separate banners and scale them accordingly. 

3. Speed

Due to new applications such as text apps that work so efficiently, the loading speed of your site should be on par with a users expectations. If you have a mobile site, it should load immediately. This is because the size of the file should be able to fit the capacity of the screen to ensure fast loading.

4. Opting for a responsive design

A responsive designed online store is much easier to manage as well as use on the end of a potential buyer. Though both mobile sites and responsive designed sites share the same goal -offering simpler navigations and faster load times while fitting a smaller screen width, responsive designs work from a single URL which is less complicated. To find out more about having a responsive web design click here.