3 Blogging Tips for Ecommerce

Oct 14, 2014

Ecommerce owners are familiarising themselves to owning a blog page in relation to their online store. One hard to miss reason why blogging is gaining popular within many companies’ marketing efforts, is it’s ability to curate on-page search engine optimization (SEO). This would in turn influence their ranking on specific keywords on search engines.

To a certain degree, SEO campaigns such as starting a blog can generate a buzz around your online efforts but from another perspective, how much emphasis are you placing on keeping the reader entertain and intrigue with the content you are providing? Is your content just for ranking’s sake or do you wish to leave an impact on views whilst at the same time generate more views through SEO? Here are three steps you should consider when composing a new text for your blog. 

1. Focus on what matters

Step aside from generating leads and start paying attention to your readers for a second. When a developing business starts to advance in their field and many opportunities arise, their focus can be led astray. They tend to forget their main goal -solving the problems of clients.

Take a step back and focus on what matters. This might need you to go back to basics. For example, focus on who your prospect customers are, understand what is needed by them and why and top of the list would be to aim to solve these problems.

Take a moment to earn the trust of potential clients by providing them with the right content. Quality over quantity will benefit your business in the long run.

2. Aim to be a problem solver

This requires you to come up with a solution that is realistic, intriguing and sought after all in one. If you own an ecommerce fashion website, this can be a little bit tricky. Why? Not everyone has the same taste which means not everyone will agree.

My advise, offer options. Use these options in the title. For example: 10 ways to spruce up your summer look. In this fascinating era we live in, it has become notable that posts offering different perspectives instead of a 3000 word focusing on one has gained popularity.

In general, for writing such problem solving posts in your blog, here are a few MUST DOs:

  • Describe the issue you wish to address

  • State your discussion clearly with pictures, examples and short sentences that fascinates readers.

  • A gentle reminder how your advise will leave a positive impact on them

3. Give your post personality that encourages engagement

Humanizing post and encouraging engagement will always make your posts more vibrant and fun to read. Sometimes writing from an authoritative figure might scare readers into thinking you do not really understand their concerns and hence, the post becomes pointless.

Use a friendly approach through your writing. Here are some tips you might want to consider..

  • Ask engaging questions
    Example: “Don’t you think?”

  • Refer directly to the reader 
    Example: “You will achieve….”

  • Emphasize on the positives through your post