Checkout Tips: Prevent Cart Abandonment (Part 1)

Oct 2, 2014

The checkout page is the last step during the whole online shopping process for the buyer. This is where the user makes their transaction and completes a sale from your store. An ecommerce owner can optimize several areas to achieve a well rounded experience for their users. Such areas include optimizing the product page, having a well designed landing page and also making sure their checkout page is simple enough for users to complete their purchase effectively.



1. Offer guest checkout

Give users the dynamicity to choose between registering an account with you and opting for a guest checkout instead. In most cases, unless they are regular customers to your store, most people rather use a guest checkout. A few reasons surround this matter. For one, they might not have that built in confidence in your store with their personal information. Secondly, no one really wants to fill in a bunch of details that would slow down the checkout process. Having the option for a guest checkout also reduces cart abandonment.  

Asos checkout process

2. Progressive process indicator

Displaying the route of the checkout process won’t leave the customer clueless. They will be able to note how many steps are involved and how close they are to completing it. Give them a clear view of the process order and this will be a good way to show them the stages of transaction. Customers would feel more empowered to complete the process if they know what lies ahead of them. This eliminates high chances of cart abandonment. 

3. Straightforward forms with only relevant fields

A checkout page that has fewer fields to fill up have higher chances of customers completing their order. This is one of the easiest ways for making a customer’s checkout process a better experience. Removing irrelevant fields that requires less personal details will work towards your benefit. For example, requesting for a users telephone number. Make that field optional for them to fill up. Some customers will not feel comfortable giving out such personal details.

4. Limit repetitiveness at the checkout

Most online stores have enabled a tick box to allow the billing address to auto fill the shipping address if both are of the same address. This practically halves the process for the customer. Adopting this method, further enhances the checkout process by reducing the time of making a sales.

5. Complete Payment Summary

It is recorded that delivery costs that are not displayed clearly, or also known as ‘hidden’ costs, is a large factor to why most carts get abandoned. Showing the complete payment summary at the checkout page with clear breakdown that indicates each individual cost that contributed to the final sum.