Checkout Tips: Prevent Cart Abandonment (Part 2)

Oct 7, 2014

In part one of our checkout tips to prevent cart abandonment,  we discussed five major aspects every checkout cart should consist of in order to strengthen an ecommerce store’s checkout process. Here are five more tips to consider if you want your store to achieve the sales target you wish to hit.

1. ‘Back’ button function

Having an easy way to go back and edit any information or to double check that the right information was keyed in, is much more efficient than having to restart the whole process from scratch.  Allow users to go back to edit their purchase or information keyed in. Some online ecommerce stores display an error page if an attempt to go back is made. This would result in having the customer restart their whole checkout process. Some shoppers may find that keying in a bunch of information is already a strenuous task,  and having to redo it opens up a new door for an unwanted opportunity to change their mind on placing an order all together.

2. ‘Continue Shopping’ button function

This gives your shoppers the opportunity to add more to their cart by inserting a ‘Continue Shopping’ button. This ‘Continue Shopping’ button is usually found at the first page of the checkout process that continues to appear throughout until the buyer is right about to complete their order. Letting them make the decision on whether they would want to add more to their basket or complete the checkout process will always work in your favor.

3. Free Shipping indicator

Most owners are reluctant to offer their shoppers free shipping, but little do they know, most of the completed checkouts come from stores that allow shoppers to have free shipping when they hit a required amount to trigger the free cost. If your store does allow free shipping, make sure you highlight it every step of the checkout process. Inform the buyer how much more is needed in order to achieve free shipping.

4. Easy modification of cart

It happens. Sometimes shoppers change their mind on what they want to get and even make the mistake of adding in the wrong item into their shopping basket. Having an option to remove certain items from the checkout page will eliminate the tedious task of having to restart the whole process.

5. Mobile friendly checkout

Transaction should be allowed through mobile especially when most research show that users usually shop on the go. Make checkouts easy to use on smartphones. Directing a mobile user to make a purchase from a desktop can potentially cause a loss in your sales. Some people might forget that they wanted something from your store if the only option available to make a purchase from is through the desktop. Do not risk losing business by prompting a potential buyer to get off their  mobile as the only option to make a purchase through another device.  


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