An Introduction: Basic things you need to know about Google Analytics

Oct 16, 2014

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a simple online service that caters to the collation of data. This site is able to generate detailed statistics of a website’s traffic and it’s traffic source with no credit needed to set up an account. Users will be able to find out the statistics on data such as bounce rate, page views, average time on site, per page visits, site visits and percentage of new visits. Other relevant data that can be accessed through google analytics include marketing campaign data, direct visits and even website referrals.

Why use Google Analytics? 

This powerful tool established by Google has helped many online businesses achieve their goal and ensures continuous growth. With a tool that can monitor and analyse traffic, businesses are able to spot the areas in need of improvement, know what is working extreemly well for them and what isnt bringing in profit or more visits. The enormous amount of information you can collect from this statistics tool is amazing. It helps business owners understand their target audience, where they come from and what they are looking for. Exanding businesses becomes twice as fast with less effort when using Google Analytics. 

Basic functions on Google Analytics

Firstly, users will encounter the main dashboard that is displayed with a graph and the figures of the most basic of statistics Google Analytics can pick up. You will find this list under the graph titled ‘Site Usage’.

  • Visits - Visits are determined by the number of users entering your site regardless if they entered your site through the homepage or other internal links.

  • Page/visits - It is the recording of the number of pages a single visitor is viewing before exiting your website. Bare in mind, this is displayed on average. Different users may have viewed more pages than others.

  • Bounce Rate % - The bounce rate is made up of people who visit your site but leave after only visiting one page. (This usually means, they did not find what they were looking for and closed the tab or moved to find another site.)

  • Avg. Time Spent on Site - Pretty straight forward, this link will display on the graph the average time a user is on your site.

  • % New Visits - Google Analytics will be able to pick up on users who have never been on your website until now. In a user’s browser, a cookie is placed by google to distinguish new users from existing users. New users are formed when Google does not find the cookie on a users site.