SEO on Shopcada

Oct 23, 2014



A good system will provide users with the the utmost potential to reach out to their target audience, every way possible. One very useful feature to have is a built in SEO function on the backend of your ecommerce system where you’ve chosen to run on. If you’re a user of Shopcada, we have this feature on numerous pages, allowing you to configure it easily to optimise their efforts to reach their targeted audience.

How do you use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ecommerce?

One trick is to cater for your SEO input on pages that will be on your site for a very long time. If you are constantly changing your product, there is no point spending your valuable time researching for the best keyword for each product. It is advisable to have the SEO focus on things that would remain as it will take time for your site to move up on search pages.

Where can I put I configure my SEO on Shopcada?

Store admins will be able to configure the SEO on various pages throughout their store. There are built in SEO settings on numerous pages found on individual setting tabs on the dashboard of Shopcada.

Listed below are the pages that have this SEO function:

Individual product pages




Lookbook / Gallery

Web Pages 


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