Blogshop Marketing Ideas for January 2015

Jan 20, 2015

With the New Year that has chimed in, blogshop owners in Singapore should strive to revitalize their marketing tactics to encourage further growth of their business. If one looks back on their business success of 2014 and are satisfied with the results, it still should not be an excuse to anchor your business by being repetitive.

Listed below are a three campaigns that would work really well within blogshops of the given demographics of their audience.

1. New Year, New Discounts

Though usually thought about in mid-December, continuously drawing on this occasion will still work to your advantage throughout January. The buzz may have fizzled out amongst most competitors and this would be the perfect opportunity to seize the moment to stand out by prolonging this campaign for your buyers.

Tip: Make use of those weekly newsletters to inform your customers about this extended sale or discount as a compensation for their good response to the campaign. The sale will not only influence potential buyer to fill their shopping cart but as your store has acted in response to their buying needs, this would certainly build a better buyer-seller relationship.

2. Back-to-School Campaign

Most blogshops target audiences within the age range of 16 to 21. Narrowing down your target audience to these numbers, you will be able to get a gage of their lifestyle. Naming your campaign after a huge part of their life will allow your business to relate to the customer.

Tip: Crafting a “How to Wear It” banner by collaging different pieces to assemble a “back to school” outfit can help buyers pick out more than one piece on the rack. You can go one step further by starting a Look Book that focuses on how to dress up for school. Unlike those standard photos shot in a studio, your collection should be featured in a more realistic setting.

3. Near Future Seasonal Campaigns

There is no harm when thinking of planning ahead. There are tons of Public Holidays in Singapore to plan for. The upcoming event -Chinese New Year is a great way to kick start planning ahead.

Tip: Build the hype amongst viewers. Get them excited about the upcoming festival. Everyone loves a good “Sneak Preview” and inform them of the launch on your social media platforms. One idea would be to host a lucky draw to win $100 worth of apparels from this collection.