Singapore Blogshop: 3 E-commerce Design Trends

Jan 22, 2015

Take a look at your favorite blogshops and note their evolution. Along with the style of apparel, most blogshops have move forward as a business. What better way to show off growth through newly inspired web designs. Some changes are of a personal preference that give their website an edge or vibe they wish to portray, others are more tactical to influence visitors to make a purchase.


Today we will examine some of the most popular ecommerce design trends showcased across an appreciable amount of blogshops in Singapore.

1. Full Screen Images on Landing Pages

Implementing this design of a nice, full screen resolution image on the landing page has been thriving in the local e-commerce scene. The simplicity of the clean and less cluttered vibe has inspired many ecommerce owners to adopt this trend. Besides the beauty and sleekness behind it, there will always be an opposing reason to stay away. One major factor would be image size. Having to fill larger screens while remaining in HD, can take a toll on your websites loading time due to the huge file size.

2. Hidden Menu Bars

A rather favorable element that has caught our attention was the usage of hidden menu bars in 2014. They then surprised us by very much continuing into 2015 as a trend. This recognised symbol is frequently used on mobile sites to allow itself to merge with a smaller screen. However, more websites are using it as a component; even bigger and up-market companies who own websites (e-commerce or not) have taken a liking to this trend. Why has this element become popular? Well, it certainly controls the clutter to say the least. It also seems to  promote a better user experience.

3. Type of font

Though preferences may vary on this but a how a good e-commerce font is judged are seen through these following factors: free, easy to read and available across any platform the site is viewed from. Three of the most popular fonts used on the online blogshops in Singapore are Helvetica, Arial and Sans-serif. These fonts are pleasing to the eye and site forums have argued that these fonts “Ooze authority”.