Turn Viewers Into Buyers

Jan 29, 2015

The best way to describe this scenario from an offline perspective is like owning a pop-up store in a mall as you watch potential customers stroll by without flinching. From the perspective of these potential buyers it is like reading the synopsis of a book, flipping through the pages and placing it back on the shelves. How does one lure browsers of the web with restricted ways to capture their attention? You can’t possible let out a scream but it certainly is achievable through the most transparent ways we e-commerce owners seem to disregard.


Here are a list of ways to turn e-commerce viewers into buyers:

Quality images of products

With the lack of the ability to handle the product as you would do in person, viewers are left with their only option -to fall in love with what they see. If you are unable to present an appealing product through these images, you are most likely going to miss a sales opportunity. The more eye-catching, charming and alluring your product is, browsers of your site will feel confident to make that purchase. However, you would need to bare in mind these product images have to remain closely to the overall look and feel of your site. Also, keep images realistic and how they are to be represented in actuality. If you want these customers to come back, do not fool them with deceiving images that are far from it form.

The right message will get you the right audience

There are two most important factors you would have to consider when writing for your overall site or each individual product. First, be specific. Do not rush through the paragraph by giving a half-hearted summary of your product. Listing each intricate detail of your product from the seams to the hemline will surprisingly engage with the viewers the way you want them to. Make them fall in love with your writing as much as you want them to fall in love with your product. Secondly, appeal to the senses. More often people want to feel a connection to the product. Invite users to feel they should buy it. In a more dramatic sense; your message should invite viewers to envision having your product in their lives. Your illustration of your product should have that power to tempt and persuade people into buying it.

Reaching out to old visitors who did not register

Targeting visitors who did not convert and those who have left their cart abandoned takes commitment and time. If you have witnessed customers putting items in their cart but have failed to complete their order, do not be discouraged. As they were already this close to fully checking out, it is easier to appeal to them. You will be able to identify who are the visitors who did not convert either. Create a list for these users and establish a marketing strategy to attract those customers back to your store.