What does Google want from your online store?

Jan 27, 2015

Every company was established for their own reason with their own target and goals. Before you engage your company with another -in any situation, it is important to understand their practises before getting into bed with them. Google is a massive platform which can be rather tricky to decipher if you come to think of it. The big question many companies ask themselves is “Why is my store not on google?” Before you can get an answer to that question, you would have to ask yourself “What does google want from me?”


To question Google’s intentions for existing will open a new door for your business. Google is a search engine that benefits searchers who seek information. Therefor, Google’s consumers are millions of uncertain users who are looking for answers to their doubts. For these consumers to be able to trust Google, Google has to provide them with valuable, useful, helpful and sometimes interesting content. These users are expecting results that are the closest match to what they enquired. They are looking for quality; Google wants quality for their platform.   

Now, question yourself. Is your site of quality? Will you be able to stand out amongst the other million competitors? What can you bring to the table that no one else can and is also what users are looking for? In other words, Google has created a competitive environment that challenges each site to outshine one another for the top ranks.

With these questions now tossed into the open, you are wondering how to achieve this.

As a start, always strive to improve your page. Keep your site up to date with the most relevant, interesting and trusted information. Do not settle for what you already have on your site as the cyber world is a fast changing, ever growing, competitive environment. Stay in the game by researching on trends and what people are looking for on Google. This way, you would be proving to Google that not only are you able to provide the best results but show them you are constantly looking to reach out to their consumers with fresh news consisting of value.

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