Bloggers: Paid Reviews and Sponsored Ads

Feb 19, 2015

In this small and very fast growing community of fashion bloggers, tons of blogshops and other e-commerce related sites have decided to act upon this fast moving trend -getting such people to write about their product or service.

Getting influential people to speak of their brand or product is a great approach when it comes to digital marketing. But if you are contemplating whether to ring in a famous blogger that gets tons of hits every month and has a strong fan base that will mostly reach the audience you are after, it is important to declare that this is a paid review.

A recent outbreak sparked the debate whether or not bloggers have been ‘masking’ their advertorials written on their blogs. As this issue blew up across tons of social media platforms in Singapore, viewers have since lost faith in both the blogger and the companies he/she writes about.

Though paid reviews are great for exposure, the conversion rate from viewers to buyers are limited. Why is this so? Bloggers who mention their products have been sponsored by a brand can cause some uncertainty amongst their viewers. What their viewers are thinking is that since they are being paid, they are obligated to say something nice and positive about the product or brand even if the blogger may not feel exactly what she writes. This then makes the review and your brand an unreliable source. Participating in dishonesty does not sit well with many visitors.

Our advice would to use certain bloggers to feature your product in a review as brand exposure at the same time mentioning this review is done as a paid advertorial piece. If you are looking to maximise sales, there are other methods to achieve that. One such practise is featuring the positive feedback previous customer’s have given your brand on your social media platforms or website.