Creating Mobile-friendly emails

Feb 6, 2015

When it comes to crafting email marketing content, you will have to bare in mind, most recipients open and read their emails on the go by using their mobile phone to check their inbox. Therefor, your emails should be mobile device friendly. Very much like composing emails that are opened through a desktop or wide-screen, constructing emails to fit a smaller screen is pretty straightforward. Take a look at these few tips that will most likely assemble the perfect mobile-friendly email.



Subject header to be catchy, straightforward and informative

Similar to an ordinary email, having a standout subject line will influence the receiver’s decision to open up your email. What differs in this situation is that, if your subject header is too long, the entire line written will not be displayed fully.

For example, you wish to notify your subscribers about your new product and therefor your subject line would be “New In! Red and Blue Midi Pencil Skirt now available in our store!” However, due to the small screen width, your entire message will not be displayed, instead your sentence would end off with an ellipsis, without the full message. It would look something like “New In! Red and Blue Midi Pencil Sk…..” Sometimes, the cut will be in-between an important word making it barely possible for viewers to know what your product is or what your email is really about.

The advice is to keep the subject header short and direct. If you are unable to shorten it any further, make sure the most important part of it starts out the sentence.

Single column template

Having multiple columns on an email can be confusing and much of a hassle to navigate. You would want your emails to be clutter free and read with ease. When viewed on different screen widths, having a single column email will display your content in a very straightforward and sleek manner. Without multiple columns that will crap your content together, it makes reading emails pleasing to the eye and for readers to pick up the important message more efficiently.

Direct page links

Whether it is a link to your webpage or picture that resembles a call to action button, giving readers a direct option to be channeled to your page is what is important. After all, the intended purpose of an email is for the receiver to respond. If you’re email’s intention was to convince readers to visit your online store, giving them this direct option to visit it with a button, is already considered a win for you.

This call to action button has to be clear and large, visible enough to gain the viewers attention. Most emails contain a link at the very start of the email and also end off the email with the same link.