Ecommerce Checkout Page - Best Practices

Feb 12, 2015

You may have seen our articles Tips to Prevent Cart Abandonment Part 1 and Part 2 but as time passes, online shoppers are expecting quality and are setting very high standards when it comes to the best shopping experience. Having to compete with big international brands that are popular in our region like ASOS and NASTYGAL, how are local online retailers suppose to compete with them in successfully making a sale.

As your checkout page can be the most important part of your entire web design, it is important to identify what works and what doesn’t from a shopper’s perspective.

Include Security Features

Without a clear indication that their information is secure, buyers will become nervous. With case studies showing that multi-million dollar companies have been hacked, their impression of us smaller companies are tarnished.

Example of security features as seen on ASOS:

Product Ratings

How is this product good if nobody knows it? Though this step is usually displayed on the individual product page itself, these rating can influence a buyer to place this item in their shopping cart.

Tip: Allow product reviews by past customers to be displayed on this page.  

Product Rating as seen on ebay:

Clear Instructions

This is probably the most emphasized practise when it comes to helping buyers complete their checkout. Though it should go without saying, the checkout button must be able to stand out amongst all other content and text. The “Proceed to checkout” button is usually highlighted so that it presents itself clearly to the buyer.

Tip: Every time a buyer is viewing their cart, they should be directed to the checkout page. Usually they are met with two options “Proceed to checkout” or “Continue Shopping”

Her Velvet Vase Shopping Cart:

DO NOT Display Future Offers on Checkout Page

Let’s be realistic. Okay, maybe if it was a list of products helping buyers reach their free shipping total, nothing else is going to work. Trying to sway customers to come back for a future collection that is going to be launched a month from now is just a waste of effort. People will not come back to your store unless they receive an email reminder.