How Much Bandwidth Does My Store Really Need?

Feb 26, 2015

Despite having an amazing theme or a well thought of product you are bringing to the market, the bandwidth stands as the backbone of your ecommerce site. In the simplest of explanations, bandwidth is the transmission of information from your site, to a viewer and the internet. The higher your bandwidth, the faster the information is received on the visitor’s end. The lower the bandwidth, loading of your site is much slower. The bandwidth of a site is one of the most important deciding factors of conversion and making a sale.


If you are unsure of how much bandwidth your ecommerce store needs, here are some of the factors you might want to look into:


The key to deciding your bandwidth size when looking at this factor, is monitoring. If your site is expecting large amount of visitors each month, having a larger bandwidth is required than of a site that has low traffic. If your bandwidth size is unable to support a heavy flow of traffic logging in to your site at the same time, information displayed to viewers will load much slower and sometimes resulting website crashes. It is best to play it safe by having a larger bandwidth to support traffic flow.


Ecommerce is more visual than anything. As an ecommerce store, one of the main features are the images of course. From the multiple banners on your landing page to individual product photos, having quality images can influence a visitor’s buying decision. HD pictures are usually much larger than poor quality pictures. Bandwidth comes into play as large files need a longer loading time. The more bandwidth your store is running on will ensure the speed of loading of your images and videos.

Size of website

This is with direct referral to number of pages your page has. If your site has tons of internal links, the size of bandwidth is important. The more webpages you have, the more bandwidth you need. Before the setup of your ecommerce store, you should have a list of all the different pages you will be having. This can help you decide on how much bandwidth is needed.