Marketing via Twitter: Pros and Cons

Feb 10, 2015

To build a large following for your brand, you would need to showcase what you have to offer on various platforms to get the right attention from the right audience. There are plenty of social media sites that businesses choose to market their brand on. From Facebook to Instagram, using these platforms to reach out to people has become apart of the marketing tradition in almost every business. But how do you know which social media site will give you the most recognition and the type of feedback you are looking for?


In today’s post we have narrowed down these social networking services to Twitter. Very much like every other networking site, Twitter devotes itself to communities and is used to share and exchange information. Though it is not a leading social media site used for marketing, there are still benefits for using this source to reach out to the masses.

Advantages for using Twitter as a marketing platform:

1. Shows brand personality

Twitter has developed a unique platform whereby short messages are allowed to be sent out and read by other users. It is a great way for your business to give life to their brand by humanizing their tweets and relating to the public. Besides constantly pushing sales by alerting people to buy your products, Twitter allows you to share interest that relates to your market. For example a brand that sells clothing can “tweet” their favorite styles and share their interest.

2. Simple and easy to use platform

While the word limit given for each tweet stand at 140 characters, it provides a clutter free medium that is not congested with heavily written articles. Besides that, someone with no knowledge of this site will pick up on how it works in minutes. Simple and easy to use platforms that have only one function can have your message sent across effectively. People are less distracted to check something else the interface offers.  

3. Research Trends and building contacts

With the prominent Twitter search bar, it makes it easier for companies to do data collection. By keying in a specific keyword, you will be able to source for people who have the same interest or people who are talking about the same thing. In addition, Twitter displays the trends on what users are mostly talking about. What makes this function even better is the option provided to filter the trends for different regions.

Disadvantages for using Twitter as a marketing platform:

1. Short messages

The strict word count on Twitter can be both a blessing and a curse for business. Exciting and interesting news you wish to share with your following has been restricted to the wordcount. This would mean you would have to carefully craft your message to get the most out of it.  

2. Tweets can get lost if users are following a lot of people

Thousands of people can tweet whatever, whenever. There is a high likelihood of your tweets getting lost amongst the others if a user is following a large number of accounts that are active on this platform. With that said, your tweet might go unnoticed. Constant updates would be needed if you are planning to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Our advice for you on using this social networking site is to not limit your options when it comes to finding the right social media platform to market your brand on. Using only Twitter will not get you the sales you want. To get the best results, reach out to users on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc.