Multi-Currency on E-commerce Stores

Feb 3, 2015

E-commerce owners who ship their products internationally will find that having a multi-currency function will improve a customer’s buying experience as well as have the power to increase the conversion rate of visitors to buyers.


What is this multi-currency feature?

It is a function that allows potential buyers who visit your store to browse through your products in their preferred currency.

Why is this feature essential to my e-commerce store?

With this function, it allows you to localize your business to whichever country a buyer is from. It is noted that a considerable amount of online buyers prefer shopping in their local currency from start to finish. What this means is, allowing your website to fully display the preferred currency on every product and not only at the checkout page. Due to certain currency conversion rates, the prices have a likelihood of shooting up -having the customer pay much more than he originally intended when converted to the currency of choice at the checkout page. Only featuring the currency they would be paying in at the checkout page has caused many shoppers to abandon their cart.

Furthermore, Google Analytics supports this function. Under a single web property, users will be able to track tax, shipping and handling, and total revenue from multiple currencies. Google, as efficient as always, is able to convert these sales date back into your currency that is stated in your profile settings.

Shopcada users have this opportunity to have the multi-currency setting implemented onto their ecommerce store as our system does support this function.

To set up this custom multi-currency function: contact us for an Enterprise Plan.