Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback

Feb 17, 2015

Having a medium to collate customer feedback is essential for your company as it guides your decision making. It is important to measure your customer’s satisfaction and also find out how different customers view your products. You would need to find the correct resources to reach the audience. Here are four different platforms that will enable you to do as such.



1. Social Media

Facebook, Google+ and any recognised social media platform is an informal method that allows you to generate customer feedback. By communicating with your buyers through this medium, it gives you a chance to not only gather certain information required to improve, but humanizes your brand when customers are replied to directly. Feedback is more than just listening to what customers want from you. Acting upon it should be followed. A direct response would bring up values such as thoughtfulness and effectiveness for your company image, in your customer’s mind.

2. Email

Emails are used as an instant form of communication amongst many businesses. Though unlike social media, sending out emails as a feedback tool includes a bit more formality. Crafting a well rounded email that encourages the recipient to respond requires practise. But once you have mastered the art of composing the email, the benefits can be rewarding. One such advantage of using emails to get feedback would be the convenience. Unlike phone calls, emails allow customers to reply in their own time and sometimes can make their replies more thought about.  

3. Live Chat

Live chats on an e-commerce store is an untapped potential. You will not receive feedback such as “Great service! Loved it!” like you would from comments made on Facebook. You should expect many questions shoppers may be unsure of. These are the comments and feedback you really want. They help your company grow towards becoming more user friendly. To ensure you use this tool to it’s fullest potential would means having someone to monitor it 24/7 especially if you’re chat is displaying an ‘Online’ status. Slow responses can be damaging to your brand.

4. Comment Boxes

Comment boxes are great for an on-site feedback forum. They can be found on an individual page by itself or on every single product you sell. It makes life easier for you and your shopper when they are enquiring about specific products. This can add to your overall evaluation of your store.