Give Your Customers Free Shipping Without Losing Money

Mar 17, 2015

When it comes to online shopping, one factor that contributes to the second thoughts on going through with a purchase is the cost of shipping. When it comes to facing the truth, ecommerce owners have to realize that free shipping is now the standard and their sales might suffer if they do not offer it.

Why should you offer customers free shipping?

Blogshops that offer free shipping are automatically more appealing to customers. Various statistics have proven that consumer behavior changes when shipping fees are imposed.

The shipping cost is usually displayed at the very end before the customer goes through with their transaction. This sudden ‘extra’ cost is the reason many carts have been abandoned. Customer’s feel like they have been scammed with this sudden new charge they now have to pay.

How to impose free shipping without losing money in 3 steps!

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1. Do your research. Take note of the sales made with the free shipping offer and then without the free shipping offer.

2. Increase the minimum order value per purchase to activate the free shipping feature.

3. Increase all individual product prices. This would be masking the shipping charges within the product itself.