The Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page for Online Stores

Mar 5, 2015

The ‘About Us’ page found on your website is marked as the identifier of your entire brand. It helps visitors understand your goals, achievements, background and mission. Basically, it is the foundation that sets the appeal factor to customers. If people are able to relate to your story, the more likely they are going to trust your brand.

Some companies prefer leaving their ‘About Us’ page blank. There are two reasons that make up this mindset of theirs. Firstly, they have succumbed to the stereotypical belief that nobody will read it. Regular online shoppers might not read it as they are more relaxed or already used to the ecommerce world and know how your store works. However, new shoppers need to have a reason to trust you. The ‘About Us’ page will provide that kind of relief to them.

Secondly, e-commerce owners want their information to be private. They don’t find a need to open up to their customers. This can cause a rift between the brand and it’s customers. As there is no humanization aspect, customers might not be able to relate with what you have to offer. Also, anonymity is rather shady and opens up that realm for people to become suspicious and untrusting towards your brand.  

Those however, who do set up either a detailed or brief ‘About Us’ page, include these factors upon the writeup in order to optimize the fullest potential of this page.

  1. Who are you? (The company history and background)

  2. What do you do? (Your service and products on your store)

  3. Why should I trust you? (Mission statements)

More Advice:

  • Keep the ‘About Us’ page brief enough people understand it but detailed enough so people trust it.  

  • Use words that are warm, friendly and inviting.

  • Remember to sound convincing

All in all, the “About Us” page is not a major factor many store owners worry about. It is simply one way to allow your customers to connect with you and the brand. As your store develops, reevaluating this page can help boost and increase sales. For new start ups, this page lets potential customers understand your brand better.