Live Chat On Your E-Store

Mar 30, 2015

To be a leading ecommerce site, you would have to stay on top of your game by staying ahead of the competition. Being a favorable site amongst online shoppers is more than just branding. You would need to be able to close sales to be recognised as a leading online store. For this to happen, studies have shown that people feel disconnected with the brand and this can result in them not converting. People want to have contact with a real person before making a purchase.

For beneficial reasons from a sellers perspective, having a live chat can help your store boost sales. With a form of direct and instant communication, it is only natural sales are made more rapidly. Cart abandonment will reduce as well. Usually, during the checkout process, if a customer encounters a problem they are unsure of, they are not willing to go through the processes without being 100% confident. With a live chat feature, you will be able to walk through the customer till they successfully make a purchase.

Furthermore, having this feature will without a doubt give you an edge of your competition.

But more importantly, you would need to understand how this feature communicates with your customers. These are a few reasons why your customer would love this feature…

Live chat can ensure security that every customer wants to feel when shopping online. Customer’s may distrust your store’s liability during the first purchase. Humanizing your store has the potential to instill confidence within potential buyers.

Live chat is convenient to customers as it gives them direct access to help instantly. They will be receiving immediate service like they would expect in a physical retail store. Customers want someone who can immediately walk them through the process that they are unsure of. Having to enquire about something through email may take time to get a response. During that waiting period, customer’s have the tendency to change their mind or flip the switch off if they were already half heartedly seeing this purchase through.