Tips For Collecting Customer Feedback

Mar 10, 2015

Collecting customer feedback is a very important strategy to use if the management wishes to improve a customer’s experience. Certain feedback can help guide in decision making and influences your approach in different situations. Feedback also measures customer satisfaction.

Here are a few tips to bare in mind when collecting customer feedback:

Know the objective and purpose for collecting feedback

It is important to know your goals. Stick within the lines and not stray when asking for feedback. Though opportunities may arise to bring up other questions beneficial to your brand, is it really what is needed right now for this feedback session? If your goal is to find out what returning customer’s look for in your brand, you may want to ask questions about their favorite product or what service stands out for them.

Be specific with your questions

Whether it is through an online survey, questions asked in an email or a Q&A conducted face to face, it is important to keep your questions to the point. Everyone values their time and if we are being honest, most people find participating in surveys, time consuming or in other words, a total waste of time. Since these people have nicely offered to take this time to give you their feedback, make sure you keep your questions brief and not exhaust them with long-winded questions that could be phrased in a much shorter way.

Ask consistent questions across all channels

To get the most accurate results, consistency has to be present. You will also be able to find out which channel brings more attention to your brand and find out  on which medium are people more willing to participate. This can also help in future marketing campaigns. But as we are on the topic of feedback, ask the same questions with the same wording across all channels.

Offer incentives for completing a feedback survey

It is a nice gesture to offer customers who helped complete the survey with a discount code or coupon. Show them you are appreciative of their time and are thankful for their opinion.

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