How Blogshops Should Be Using Instagram

Apr 15, 2015

For sure, there is always room for improvements. If you have read, How To Market Your Brand On Instagram, by now, you would be aware of the basics behind successfully starting your brand’s Instagram venture.

As mentioned by Business Insider, “Over 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35.”. It is made apparent that this social media platform is a fundamental asset to most blogshops. Instagram can be used to generate business leads, create awareness for a brand and bring in the sales your business wants.

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Below is a list of key areas to focus on with better and improved ways to make the most out of your Instagram marketing campaigns.

1. Link on bio

On your account, the only place you are allowed to have a clickable link is below your bio description, so use this link effectively. As Instagram allows you to change this URL as often as you like, make the most out of it!

For example, when you upload an image to inform customers about your new launch, instead of just placing your website’s link in the description, direct your Instagram viewers straight to the “New In” page.

2. Photo caption is important

Though Instagram is a very visual medium, strong captions can increase conversion rates. It is important to use bold statements that include a call to action. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this picture?”. Are you hoping this images sells or do you want to solely create awareness?

You should also bare in mind that your message should relate to the image. Do not confuse people or trick them into thinking something else. If you upload an image of a lovely dress and caption it “Explore our latest collection now!” Make sure this product is actually part of your line and not an image stolen off the web.

3. Photos that showcases interaction besides your product

Give your brand some human aspects. People are always interested to find out who are the faces behind a brand! Like every famous musical artist; though people love the music, they want to know about the person behind the song as well.

So, though people may love your product, Instagram-ing your products alone can become boring as you might lose that human connection with your audience. Take pictures of the team working in the office or company gatherings etc. This will definitely give you an edge above competitors.

4. Use text overlays on photos

Another way to stand out is by using text overlays on your images. This will allow you to re-emphasize your message of the photo.

This is a great way to share tips, inform the audience about a new promotion, countdown to a launch or simply just branding.

Say what you want to your audience in a fun and creative way.