How Do I Get More Subscribers?

Apr 2, 2015

Sometimes, in order to get the results you want you have to be greedy. Your store has to deliver before it receives. Though people might expect differently, in terms of the results they hope to achieve, ultimately, everyone wants both quantity and quality when it comes to newsletter signups.

You want the quantity to ensure maximum reach but you will also want quality customers that actually take action at the end of the day.

Here is how to get both results.

1. Offer incentives

Reports have shown that most people sign up for such email alerts to receive offers and good deals. Besides pushing for regular discounts that are offered through your newsletter, people who are not on your list might not be aware of the advantages they could be receiving but are not.

The easiest way to inform customers to continuously return to make a purchase is to compose a short message after payment is made or at the checkout page. Let them know better offers and deals will be alerted to them if they sign up to receive your store’s newsletter.

2. Consider signup form placement

What works for a site, might not work for another. Where you will be placing the ‘Subscribe to the Newsletter’ box on your site depends on your audience type, webpage design and industry to name a few. Though it may take some test to see what works best, these are the few spots marketers find to have generated the best results.

  • Top header

  • Top of the sidebar

  • After a post

  • Pop-up box

  • Footer


3. Sneak peeks in newsletters

Another way that gets people excited is for them to feel like “VIPs”. If you’re in the retail industry of fashion, shoppers want news on the latest and newest trends. They want to be the first to own what their favorite shop has to offer. Email newsletters are known to tease their fans and their fans tend to enjoy receiving such emails. So why not stick to what the people want?

4. Provide the easiest way to sign up

You know those online forms that requires you to fill up a field such as your name, email or contact number? Well, your subscribe box will look like one of those. Most boxes should come with a sample text in them like “Your Email Address”. When a person clicks on it, what they would prefer is when the text automatically disappears enabling them to fill up the form without having to manually remove those words. Such small amendments to your scripting can determine an extra or one less sign up.

5. Encourage people to forward your newsletter

Adding a ‘share’ button to each of your newsletters will motivate people to pass the message forward. Though every promotional technique has it’s advantages and has the power to increase conversion rate, what people love and believe most is hearing someone they trust tell them what’s really good in the market. This is called the power of word of mouth. The ‘share’ button acts as that function and it is an easier and more efficient way to push sales.