4 Reasons Why Online Stores Desperately Need To Start Blogging

Apr 28, 2015

It may not be your number one focus but it is an essential asset to your business whether you see it or not. To convince you, this list below might get you excited to start blogging for your online store. 

reasons why online stores desperately need to start blogging

1. Gives your brand personality

Having a blog allows you to set the personality you wish visitors would see you as. One page of ‘About Us’ will only set the base and of course there is more to your brand than what is said on a single page.

Humanizing your brand is is a very important trait. It allows you to communicate with your audience on a more human level and it also gives them a reason to trust you.

Note: Show them the face behind the product and the voice behind the brand.

2. Provides sharable stuff for social media

Blogging will give you a heap more content to share on your social media platforms. It gives your brand diversity other than just pushing and promoting sales. By linking your posts to your social media, it will keep your feeds current and interesting. This will help you build a following.

“How do I write for my social media audience?” you may ask, well, one tip is to find out what your customers like to share and use this as an advantage.

3. It will drive traffic to your store

One, of course, creating content will get you noticed. Two, it helps increase your search engine ranking. The logic behind this made easy is that Google ranks you higher if you have new content and lots of it. In addition, your rank increases if your updates are regular and constant. Writing blog posts would mean adding new pages to your site that Google loves as well.

Blogging allows you to do internal linking which drives traffic. To achieve this, you will have to link your post by directing readers to view your other work. Use ‘You May Also Like’ links.

4. It will convince people to buy

Here is where your blog topics become important. It will take more than a brief product description to convince people to buy from you.

Here are a few ways you could achieve conversion through blogging:

  • Show viewers how your product is used in an everyday setting
  • Behind the scene shots
  • Interviews with customers
  • Offer tips and advice that link back to your product

If this impresses your viewers, you would have successfully turned a viewer into a buyer.