Top 5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Buying From You

Apr 16, 2015

The road to improvement begins with understanding the root of problem. Of course, if people don’t buy from you, profit isn’t made. The advice below could help resolve some of the sales issues you might be encountering by making you come face to face with the most commonly proclaimed reasons shoppers who do not buy give.

“It cost more than I originally intended on paying”

Tip: Display shipping and any additional charges as early as possible

Basically, show your shipping charges everywhere when possible. You could also make your shipping policy viewable on every page by allocating it’s link in the footer. Also, highlight ‘Free shipping for orders above $$” or “Free local shipping for normal mail” on banners of your landing page.

Individual product listing pages could also mention these additional chargers.

“Sorry, I was just browsing”

Tip: Read our post on turning viewers into buyer

In short,

You could personalize the experience for viewers with product recommendations by knowing what each user was browsing for and make it easier for people to discover things that they might favor.

For continuous engagement with your customer, use a content-led approach. Keep the content of your blog or lookbook interesting and informative.

“I found a better deal on another site”

Tip: Build up other benefits and offer incentives that sets you apart from the competition.

It happens sometimes and it’s okay.

In fact, this takes place rather often when you are a reseller that has to compete with multiple retailers who are also selling the same products as you are.

By offering incentives such as reward points, product discounts or even being more accommodative to shipping charges it will give you an edge over your competitors.

Reviews on products can help you out in this area as well. Most people depend on other people’s feedback to help them with their buying decision. Allowing comment boxes to host such feedback on each individual product would set you apart as well.

“I didn’t know my way around the site”

Tip: Have a main navigation bar on your landing page

This navigation bar is useful especially when it comes to guiding new visitors on your site.

Your e-store should be listing main product categories clearly on the landing page. “New In” and “Sale” tabs should be highlighted.

Here’s an idea for you. Have you thought about having a ‘Best Seller’ collection tab?

It is also good to utilize the footer of your web page by adding tabs for customers to view more information about your brand and it’s services.

“The website took forever to load!”

Tip: Your bandwidth might be mugging you off here. Analyze your sites traffic to find out how much bandwidth you really need.

It is very important to study the traffic flow of your site regularly to ensure each visitor has a smooth experience while browsing through your site.

Advancement of technology makes people very impatient, so your store has to be up to speed and giving people the best of service.