Is Your Site Chasing Visitors Away?

Apr 6, 2015

It can be frustrating you know, trying to persuade potential customers that your product is of better quality and telling them your site is worth staying on. It is hard to influence without having that instrument that allows you to vocalize your winning statement. Above all that, in the process of getting noticed, some efforts might be led astray and your goal is overshadowed by the ‘trying too hards’. It is always that same question, “What am I suppose to do to get people to want to stay interested?”

These factors should be re-evaluated every now and then to see if your site is actually chasing visitors away instead of getting them to stay.

1. Who is your focus on?

It cannot always be me, me, me, me. You need to know that your priority is NOT you. Give up that limelight and focus it on your visitors. Majority of the time, you have to use the word ‘you’ instead of ‘we’ when it comes to your brand’s texts. This would help personalize your message at the same time build a connection with visitors.

2. Your headings do not include benefits

Being descriptive is only a small part of establishing an eye catching heading. It certainly is not award winning simply because it does not offer anything other than good vocabulary. Your heading has to inform customers about why your site is worth the visit.

Here is an example:

Descriptive headings look like this: Chic collection to spruce up your summer look!
whereas, engaging and informative headlines look like this: Save 15% on latest our chic collection.

An important tip would be to consider where is your focus really on?

3. Too many ads

As a regular online shopper myself, what really throws me off is pop-up advertisements and sometimes even on the webpage itself, advertisements can be distracting. It is especially annoying when an advertisments acts as a barrier before allowing me to view a sites content. After all, people click on your site to view your product, not a display of other irrelevant items or deals. If your site has to have advertisements it is best to keep them discreet and they should fit in with the theme of your site.