5 Ways Content Marketing Keeps You In The Lead

May 25, 2015

When people think ‘Marketing Strategies’ the first thing that comes to mind would be the Social Media. It is a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure, and they hype is not fading away anytime soon. Content marketing has been taking a backseat over the years. It’s like a whole new world that has barely been tapped into. I say, it’s about time and it’s because of these listed reasons.

 content marketing keeps you in the lead 

Content marketing can be your brand’s foundation: Whether your mission through your content is to entertain, inform or to provoke a reaction, as long as people feel connected to what you are saying, people will remember you and they will return when they are ready to buy. You can establish your brand to be a go-to source for news, entertainment and updates of everything that’s happening in your market.

Content marketing backs link building: Without a doubt, good link building ranks you higher on Google, but if you have failed to see through almost every online article, links are found amidst the content. The content is the carpet that allows links to be slid under. Though it can be a handful to build links while having quality content, providing content itself will increase your chances to have inbound links.  

Content marketing shoots you up the ranks: If you plan to place a heavy emphasis on your brand’s ranking, you should know that now, more than ever, Google only pays attention to your content and how Google’s audience reacts to it. Curating content that is top-notch and relatable to the searcher will put you on top of Google’s charts.

Content marketing makes room for engagement: Starting off the article I separated the ideas of marketing, differentiating content from social marketing. Yes, they are two different ideas but they also share the same purpose. If you think of it, you are writing content for your social media statuses. Tweet and captions, however short they may be, are all content based. It helps to understand what your audience wants to read so your social media comments can be crafted to relate to them and therefore, creating a realm for interaction.

Content marketing makes you a leader of trends:  The idea is to stay current for your audience and provide them with new information that benefits them but also relatable to what you are trying to sell. Content marketing allows you to portray this image of a brand that’s always in the know so that those trendy people what to associate themselves to you.

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