How To Create The Best Call-To-Action Button Known To Mankind

May 5, 2015

What is a call-to-action button? It is a button placed on your website, usually on the landing page, to guide users to take an action towards the goal of converting them into buyers/users instead of just viewers.

Common call-to-action buttons used in e-commerce:

  • Newsletter Sign Ups
  • Add To Cart button
  • ‘Like’ buttons
  • Sign up for an account


How to create an effective call-to-action button?

A pop of colour

You can draw a viewer's attention to the button through its colour. Use a contrasting colour that stands out on your site. Though it usually depends on your design, red and green have proven to be the colours that work the best.

Action orientated text

Substitute dull words with phrases that are able to garner attention. Certain words like “Free”, “Now”, “Get” are able to grab a person’s attention almost instantly.

Create a sense of urgency

You know that feeling when you spot a shop having a sale and you tell yourself that you have to buy something, simply because you think this sale will end right there and then if you don’t? Make your viewers feel the same way through constructing a sentence that is able to create those same emotions.

An example would be, “Claim 50% off any purchase today!” or “Sign up now and receive free shipping!”

Text should be larger and bolder than the standard text used


Your text should be easily read and the best way to achieve that is keeping your fonts simple, large and legible.

Make it easy to differentiate through spacing

If hidden between the standard text, chances are your button with just be skimmed over by the viewer. Leaving a large gap between gives your button a life of it’s own and it will attract it’s own attention.