A Review: The good, the bad and the ugly about shopping on a wholesale site

May 19, 2015

“Most blogshops get their merchandise from a supplier and they just markup the price. So why should I pay that extra amount when I could be buying it directly from the wholesaler instead?” said every woman ever who decided to embark on a new online adventure without knowing the real struggles of wholesale shopping. I was one of these women.   

Photo source: www.dailyedge.ie

Without mentioning any specifics, I was undoubtedly drawn to the idea of a platform that was not limiting in variety. From clothes to makeup to electronic devices, THEY HAD EVERYTHING. For a second I thought I had died and gone to shoppers’ heaven. It was not a bad place to be given the best prices ranging as low as $3 for a lace crop top to $5 for a selfie stick. Ah-maze-ing! Not to forget the navigations! Keywords on top of keywords that led you to more things you wanted to see. The only struggle it seemed at that time were the decisions to make. But of course, this was too good to be true.

The first setback I came in contact with was reading through each items delivery instructions. As there are multiple retailers on wholesale sites, whatever is in your cart might not be from the same seller and therefore offer different delivery times, process times, delivery methods etc. It can all be rather confusing and at the same time, messy. Going back and forth to check what has been processed and what has been shipped out might not be ideal to some but I guess this extra effort makes up for the cheap cost.

Another drawback of buying from a wholesale store is though most manufacturers offer free shipping; the waiting time is usually between 30 to 60 days! If you wish to have it within a week, get ready to pay a bomb (and that’s just per store that is in your cart).

After my long promising wait, one by one my items started to roll in the post. My excitement was cut short after the first three orders that made it over were all wrong. Long sleeves were received as short sleeves, blue was black and small was now medium. Are you kidding me?! And guess what, there is no return policy on wholesale sites; if you are lucky you will only get a 5% refund. So now, I was stuck with orders I did not even order. Does not get any worse than this right? WRONG.

After receiving all eleven items I bought (yes, I got carried away), I evaluated each purchase even further. Not a single product matched the product image on the site. Though some looked similar they were not exact and true to the description. The quality of these products were noticeably cheap and the fit was beyond the worth of alteration.

So how do these blogshops do it? Effort! We do not realize the time they spend sourcing and going back and forth with each manufacturer to scout out the best of the best to provide for their buyers. It may seem easy but trust me, it’s an illusion masked behind passion and heaps of work.