Why Are People Afraid Of Ecommerce And How to Change Their Minds About It?

May 22, 2015

Though thousands feel at home with the idea of shopping through a screen, there are plenty of others out there that need that extra nudge to convince them that the virtual shopping world is not a scary one. Their reasons for resisting the charms of this world begin with these few factors. It is our job as ecommerce merchants to understand their apprehension in order to grow.


Not being able to track their order

A concern that drives shoppers into anxiety mode is when they are not provided with the right follow up information after payment is made. If they do not receive a tracking number for their order, it leaves a huge blank space for doubt to sink in. “Has my order been shipped out?”, “Where is my tracking number?”, “When is my item going to arrive?”.  You know you’ve heard this a couple of times! Make sure your customers know what to expect. From the process time to their shipping method, they have to be well informed.

Tip: Set the right expectations for when they receive their tracking number in their email.  

Security Concerns

Having your personal data leaked is something no one wants to deal with so if you are just a start-up business, you have to build that trust. Most people believe that high numbers of identity theft comes from the Internet so make sure your shoppers know that this is not going to be an issue. The method of payment allowed on your site can determine the conversion rate. PayPal is the most trusted payment gateway and it should be an option on your site.

Tip: Have a disclaimer that says “This store does not solicit any information provided by you to any third party businesses”

Quality of product

Deceiving product photos and inaccurate product description will hurt your business. People do not wish to be fooled or tossed around in an online pawn game. Be truthful to your customers in every way possible. Most skeptics use the restriction of being unable to know what the product is really like as an excuse not to shop online.

Tip: Upload HD product photos and enable zoom in when they product photo is hovered over.

No return policy

Nobody wants to be stuck with an item they do not like or does not fit. If you play your cards right by perfectly portraying the exact look and feel of the item upfront on your store, this would rarely happen BUT people still need this option to know that there’s a way out. The return policy could be a deciding factor for your store's success. Don’t believe me? Check out your competition. Most leading stores offer this policy.

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