Boost Your Content Marketing Strategies

Jun 22, 2015

Polishing the content you already have acts as a starting point to boost your content marketing strategies. With Google’s obsession with sites’ content, ecommerce merchants are forced to build their content marketing strategies to please Google searchers.

Content auditing is the reassessment of a site’s current content that might be lacking in information or generally, just not up to date with what is ongoing. It is a constitutive process in order to stretch your strategy as far as possible.

The length of content per page on your site has a role in informing Google to index it. The minimum number of words should be 350 and the maximum should hit 500.

What is the initial intention of putting your content out there? You have to consider its purpose. Are you leaning towards clearing up a viewer’s doubts? Your content has to provide value and be useful. If it’s not meeting the needs, it’s time to reevaluate your content’s direction.  

Your hosting server might have a large role in your potential to get indexed by Google. Find out if they have tools that can work to your advantage? Shopcada has built-in SEO for different sections of your site. You will need this to maximize your SEO efforts.

There’s no escaping the importance of keywords. But keywords should be limited as too much of it might have an adverse reaction. Use Google’s keyword planner to figure out which words have the best impact for your content.  

If your site has little content, you would need to find new things to talk about. Finding out what exactly to say that people want to hear can be tough. The job is to provide original content and at the same time keep it interesting.

Going social can help put your content into perspective. The social media is a great way to source for topics. Just keep an eye out on what your audience is talking about.

A final touch to make your content marketing strategy unique is to add your views. What makes sites different is the way the writer sees it. Have an opinion to a matter that is being discussed.