How Do I Get More Subscribers? (Part 2)

Jun 4, 2015


Devoting your efforts to pointing out the basic means needed for customers to have a positive turning point directed towards your subscription offered was addressed in Part 1 of how to get more subscribers.

How Do I Get More Subscribers? (Part 2)

Use this as a recapitulation to inaugurate these touches into your plans that will stand as your brand’s continuous effort to grow in subscription numbers.  

1. Promote newsletter during road shows

When online stores have their brands promoted the old fashioned way by being part of a flea market or roadshow event, their main goal should not be on sales that day but to gain exposure. Always have your brand’s card in handy to give out to ‘window shoppers’ who seem to brows and move on to the next booth. The first instinct you should have when someone approaches you, is to hand them your brand card.

The brand card should include:  

  1. Brand’s Name
  2. URL of your site
  3. Subscription Email
  4. Social Media links

2. Run a contest

Run a contest to attract your ideal customers ONLY. There is no point having a spectrum of contestants to pick from and ultimately picking a winner who has zero interest in your brand. So be very careful with the relevancy of the prize to your brand. How this contest should work? After it’s made apparent on the prize they will be receiving (a sample product or voucher, as ideas), they would have to fill in their particulars. Do let them know upon registering to take part in this contest, they will be subscribed to your brand’s newsletter alerts.

3. Subscribe via comment box

Increasing the number of times visitors come in contact with the “Subscribe To Our Newsletter” button will increase the chances of them signing up...eventually. Since they are already in the momentum of typing in the comment section, there is a high likelihood, if asked to subscribe, they will. This is where placement becomes an important factor.

4. Subscribe via pop-up

Reducing the number of steps between the visitor and the desired action, pop-up subscriptions have worked but are debatable. Depending on personal feelings towards them, people will react differently to the pop-up subscription box.