Typical SEO Questions Answered!

Jun 25, 2015

Small businesses can be quite apprehensive to make room for Search Engine Optimization onto their “To Do” list. It requires a great deal of knowledge even to just get started. To ease you into motion, here are a few common questions asked by other like minded individuals who are hesitant on the topic of SEO

What is the difference between organic and paid results?

Organic results are based on relevancy per search that is determined by Google. Paid results are promoted searches, like advertisements for specific keywords that usually appear at the top or at the side.

What is internal linkage and inbound links?
Internal links are links on your site that link to another page on your site whereas inbound links are other websites who have links on your site that link to your site. Both internal and inbound links are important to your SEO.

What is the maximum number of links that can be put on a page of content?
You should only include links when they have value to your readers. Do not stage your page to be SEO based as it will be very obvious and Google will rank you down. Ultimately, both you and Google want to influence and inspire an audience not fake it just to make it. Therefore, there is no limit of links just use it when it’s appropriate.   

What does it mean to be indexed?
As Google bots crawl through your site, they index the content they find best suited for their audience. However, not all content on your site will be indexed.

What is a meta description?
Each search result that appears has a standard format when it is presented to you on Google:
1. Title
2. Link
3. Meta description

The meta description is a short summary of what your page is about. Your SEO keywords should be found in your meta description.

Should I hire someone to do my SEO for my ecommerce store?
If you have the funds, you could engage yourself with an SEO consultant but it is not necessary to hire someone specifically to do your SEO. Especially if your products are seasonal, there is no point putting in so much effort for each individual product’s SEO. You should focus on indexing SEO for long term pages that will be on your site.