Part II: Why People Aren’t Buying From You

Jun 19, 2015

In “Top 5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Buying From You”, it addressed the main excuses shoppers give for leaving your store empty handed. Here in part 2, a quick look at more consumer alibis as to why they aren’t buying from you should suffice to put change in motion.

why people aren't buying from you

“The price was in a foreign currency, too much of a hassle to find out the rates in my currency”  

Tip: Speak to your website’s hosting servicer, as they might be able to put a plugin on your store that will allow customers to shop in their desired currency.

It is a good idea to have a currency selector on your store if you are receiving a large number of international orders. Having this option will allow you to expand your reach demographically. Your store will seem more legitimate as the effort is there to appeal to the individual traffic flow from different areas. It enhances the shopping experience and unites your brand’s audience.  

“Skeptical to this sites security.”

Tip: Have disclaimers about buyer protection and the security features on your store.  

As mentioned in, “Why are people afraid of ecommerce and how to change their minds about it?”, people are afraid of having their personal information leaked online so the added reassurance that your site is safe will convert a viewer into a buyer.

“My time ran out upon checking out and items were removed from my cart”

Tip: The time limit should be set to 24hrs minimum and a notification email should be sent out before wiping out a cart that failed to complete the order.

Indecisive or budget conscious shoppers may take a longer time to finalize what they have in their cart. How long items stay in shoppers’ carts can work against you from time to time. Though this feature might be essential to stores that have limited quantity of each product, make sure you give customers enough time to make a decision before clearing their cart, because most cases, people are too lazy to return and start from scratch. Reminding them through email that they have items in their cart could be a good way to bring them back on your site to complete the order.

“I did not find a delivery option that met my needs.”

Tip: “Free Shipping”, “Next Day Delivery” and “Express Shipping” should all be options

Your delivery options should range from “Free Shipping” to “Next Day Delivery” to accommodate to various types of customers buying from your store. Free shipping should be the slowest and most affordable delivery option while premium “Next Day Delivery” should be the most costly. Having these variants will allow you to please both the budget conscious consumer and the less patient consumer who is willing to pay more.

“I had to register for an account to be able to shop”

Tip: Make guest checkouts available

“Give users the dynamicity to choose between registering an account with you and opting for a guest checkout instead. In most cases, unless they are regular customers to your store, most people rather use a guest checkout. No one really wants to fill in a bunch of details that would slow down the checkout process.”

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