Your Ecommerce Questions Asked And Answered!

Jun 2, 2015

Aspiring merchants who are reasonably new to ecommerce have a handful of common questions we would like to assist in by answering them. 

Your Ecommerce Questions Asked and Answered

“What should I be selling?”

You need to have a definite idea and one you will be sticking to throughout your ecommerce venture. Find a product that is needed in the online market. Without having a market needs product, even if your store’s look is alive and kicking, you are not going to sell.

“Which is more important? Visuals or content?”

Visuals get you the attention but the content preserves interest. Content is king as it helps direct Google bots to consider your sites rank. Visuals will help massively in the overall aesthetics of your site but we would say, content is the best advocate for driving traffic into your site.

“When should I start creating brand awareness?”

Start promoting your brand as early as possible. Once you have confirmed the authenticity of your brand, even without an actual site set up, you can start building an audience. Introducing your brand through publicity at an early stage will give you immediate sales during your first launch as people have had that extra time to become familiar with your brand.

“Should I have a blog to go with my e-store?”

Certainly! There are two components that make having a blog on your ecommerce site relevant. Firstly, it invites Google to rank you higher on search results as their spotlight shines mainly on content. Also, it makes your store seem more credible with legitimate and original content based on your product.

“How do I immediately impress visitors?”

Fast loading speed, an easy check-out process, original, problem solving content and as well as high definition images are undemanding installments that will really leave a lasting impression on your visitors.